Our carefullly considered, balanced curriculum helps to develop the skills and attitudes necessary for life as a responsible citizen in the 2lst Century. Our curriculum provides opportunities for all pupils to learn and to achieve, irrespective of social background, culture, race, gender, differences in ability and needs. Pupils are encouraged to think creatively and critically and to respect others and the environments in which they live. We place an emphasis on spiritual, moral, social and cultural development across our curriculum and support children in developing principles for distinguishing between right and wrong.

We believe that the curriculum should stimulate enjoyment and commitment to learning as a means to encourage the best possible progress and the highest attainment for all pupils; preparing them effectively for the next steps in their education.

We communicate curriculum expectations to pupils and parents through the Hacton Pupil Passport »

Long Term Plans

These plans to deliver the new curriculum are working documents that are subject to change at short notice.

Documents detailing our Medium Term Plans will be made available in the near future.


All the children are encouraged to take their reading books home every evening for regular practice with their parents. Library books are also taken home and changed weekly. A home-School reading record for each child operates throughout the School, where the teacher and parent can comment on the child’s reading.

Weekly spelling lists are set from Y2-Y6 inclusive for learning at home. These are tested at the end of each week. The learning of times tables is very important and should be practised regularly at home. Certificates are awarded to the children as they learn their tables.

Children are often set tasks to complete in the evening, and we request that parents encourage their children to complete these on time thus supporting their children’s learning. Parents may also request, from the Headteacher or class teacher, suitable supplementary work for their children but the teachers will not be responsible for the marking.

Extra-Curricular Activities

The School is fortunate that many staff run lunchtime or after school clubs for the children. These include: athletics, badminton, choir, cookery, cricket, dance, drama, football, games, gardening, ICT, keep fit, netball, newspaper, recorder, rounders, signing and storytelling.